Are you curious about how to embrace aging with a positive attitude?

Aging Sucks… But You’re Gonna Love It! is a heartwarming and insightful book that explores the joys and challenges of aging, through the eyes of a woman who has learned to embrace every moment.

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About The Author

Brenda took an early retirement from a tenured career with a Fortune 500 company where she started as a legal assistant and progressed to becoming an international multi-award-winning sales and marketing leader. Her work has been featured across North America at Guerilla Marketing Conferences, universities, and in publications. 

She had the privilege of coaching and mentoring countless women (and men) through her career and is extremely proud of being a part of their successful careers. She is hoping to coach and mentor once again, but this time by helping them navigate the aging process.  

" I still learn something new every day about myself and life. 
That is the beauty and magic of it all. "

Aging Sucks... But You're Gonna Love It!

This book is the modern woman’s primer on how to maximize the treasures and pleasure of aging. Use this book to empower yourself, to lean in, reframe, and embrace getting older. 

This book contains:

  • Tips and techniques on how to learn to love your aging body.

  • “Words of Wisdom” on how to deal with what you’re going to encounter as you get older.

  • A “Self-Care Toolkit”.

  • Free quizzes to provide you with some insight about your personal health & wellness.

  • Musical selections via QR Codes because this book is more like a party with your favourite girlfriends than just a “book.”

  • Some straight talk and “must know” information about menopause and ageism.

Audio, e-book, and print versions of “Aging Sucks… But You’re Gonna Love It” are available through Amazon. 

Shattering Silver Ceilings Tm

As women, we are all too familiar with the metaphorical “glass ceiling” that describes the discriminatory gender stereotypes that prevent us from rising beyond a certain point in our careers.

Yet, you might discover that as you wade through your “glass ceiling” working years, no matter how many breakthroughs you did or did not successfully have, there is one more you may need to start working on as you grow older – The Silver Ceiling

 The pressure to maintain a youthful appearance is pervasive.  Women are barraged with messages and expectations that we must do whatever we can to maintain a more youthful image.

As women, we know what is to feel failure because we have constant reminders from the world around us, that it is a problem if women can’t seem to get back to our 35-year-old weight; we are not supposed to let wrinkles happen, and menopause is supposed to be a secret.  We are always made to feel that we’re not enough.

Why is this expected of us? The bigger question is why do we expect it of ourselves?

We need to talk about this.

We need to work together to Shatter Silver Ceilings.


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